What does a web designer do?

We are the luckiest of all who are living in the era of technology, where things are way too easier than the olden days. Even buying things today is much easier, all you have to do is to go online. Because, we live in a world that is connected globally through satellites, cell phones, and the internet. The internet amongst all is the greatest connection. There are millions of web sites, and thousands are created on a daily basis just to make life easier and more comfortable for the users.

But hardly have we thought of hard work and efforts of a person who design a web to provide us with a user-friendly website that we can scroll anytime we want to. So, who does all this, I mean who is the person behind the beautiful and user-friendly website? It is none other than a Web Designer!

Today, many people and responsive web design services are making their living by creating websites for business owners, or for the people who are willing to pay for them. The ones who design websites are known as web designers.

Who is a web designer??
A web designer is a person who is both creative and technically inclined. He uses his creativity and technical knowledge to build or redesign websites. He has the ability to understand what is required to make a website functional, user friendly, easy to use, and aesthetically appealing. With the help of a web designer, one can easily get a custom website design at an affordable price.

Ever since digital media has become an important part of our lives, web designing has gained immense popularity, it has come into existence with the advent of the internet. Today, most people depend on the web for their information, communications, shopping, social life and more. The demand for web designers is rising as the demand for web designing is growing in the industry. Each company wants to establish itself online in order to reach more and more people.

Skills required to be a web designer:
To be a web designer, one needs to have the following skill sets:
Knowledge of Design Tools: A web designer must have complete knowledge of several essential design software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver / Visual Studio Code, Adobe Illustrator, or any other text editor

To have Good Sense of Creativity: Another very important requirement to be a web designer is to have a good sense of design. One must have a good understanding of design elements such as images, typing, icons, along with basic design principles such as layouts, etc.

Creating UX Design: The most important factor that determines the success of a web designer is user experience.

Creating Responsive Design: Today, it is very important that a website is responsive. Because mostly people prefer to visit websites on their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, a responsive web design is a must that can automatically get resized or enlarged to make it compatible to all devices like desktops, tablets, and phones.

Graphic Design: Graphic design is nothing but the art of visual communication that uses text, images, and illustrations. A web designer should have good knowledge of using these 3 elements in order to form a single, cohesive visual composition of ideas, content, and messaging.
Technical Skills: A web designer should be well-versed with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Web server management, JavaScript and jQuery.

Soft Skills: Time management, SEO (search engine optimization), and Social Media

What does a web designer do?
In a layman’s language, a web designer particularly creates web pages for his clients and then puts them all on the internet. In order to create a visually appealing and functional website, a good web designer will always use his skill sets and creativity. He will always work closely with his client to design a website that caters all of their needs. While creating a website a web designer will always focus on client’s personal or business style preference. Designing web pages is no less than an artwork. As these web pages are also a representation of a person’s thought or an idea. Besides, a web designer also work with video and sound media if a special touch to the website needs to be given.

Where to learn web designing from?

One can learn web designing from an institute offering web designing courses, or it can also be learnt from people who are already settled in the industry. So, a beginner can work under an experienced person and learn the techniques. But it is always good to go with a professional web designing course, as it helps you learn every aspect of web designing. And later you can join a company for corporate website development, where you can get more exposure and experience.

People with good experience in the industry prefer to start their own web-designing company and they indulge themselves into corporate website development. Because the industry is booming. Every company be it large or small wants to be online to promote itself and get more and more customers!