What is a Web Developer?

Who is a web developer?

A web developer is a person who is involved in Web Application Development, Mobile application development, and WordPress installation. The one who possess the expertise in dealing with computer, computer gadgets and computer applications. Primarily, a web developer’s job is to improve applications and other related ideas related to the World Wide Web. Web developers are also called software engineer or software developer.

Web developers or software engineers can be employed in almost all kinds of business and/or a corporation such as large scale corporations, small organizations, and even government offices. Besides, these web developers can even work as freelancers taking projects from clients directly. One can either work as a full time employee in a company or just as a consultant for companies.

Also, a web developer is very different from a web designer. However, some of their roles do match but their jobs are distinctly different.

Well, here are the roles of a web developer:

1. Plan the layout, navigation and functionality

First things first, planning the overall design of the website and its functionality is the key. Before a web developer actually starts to write the code that makes up a website, he/she spent a fair amount of time in planning, strategizing, and analyzing the website. It is crucial that a web designer spend time in understanding each and every requirement of the client before he/she starts to code it. As every client has different requirements based on their products and services. A web developer will use wireframes for planning the layout, functionality, and navigation of new web development projects.

2. Developing the business logic as specified by the customer

Once the planning and analysis stage is over, the web developer will then start developing the website or mobile application that interacts with popular database systems like SQL, MySQL, Server and Oracle. While developing the website the web developer will work closely with both client side technologies, which includes HTML, JavaScript and CSS and server side technologies, which includes PHP and.NET. A professional developer will always proficient in many technologies that are used for custom web application development, mobile application development etc.

3. Ensuring a dynamic website design

Besides developing a website or a mobile application, it is the job of the web designer to develop the website or the application layout which accommodates the right kind of viewers. A web designer has to take care of the website in such a way that it promotes the product or services efficiently and effectively, thereby creating a dynamic appeal for the company. Web developer make sure of interoperability of websites.

4. Checking website’s compatibility and functionality

A good web developer will always check for the website script’s compatibility and functionality with all the major browsers. A web developer will always make sure that the website is easy to surf and is not preventing viewers from finding required information.

5. Implementing the web design

Once the website is developed, now the web designer and web developer will work together to implement the web design on the website.

6. Testing of website

Developing and designing of the website is not just enough, there is more to do with the development of the website or a mobile application and that’s TESTING! Testing web pages and applications in multiple browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer is arguably the most important part of a web development project. Testing is important so that critical errors on the website can be found out before its launch.

7. Communicating with clients & colleagues

If there is some error in the web page or web app, a web developer will communicate with clients and colleagues to optimize performance of the website or web app.

8. Using SEO

Another most important aspect of a web developer’s job is to use SEO (search engine optimization) to develop a website that ranks high in Google and other platforms.

Web Developer Skills

• Must be proficient in the core web development scripting languages: CSS, HTML, and Javascript.
• Must know more server-side programming languages, such as Java, PHP and .Net.
• Must have knowledge of website graphic designs and multimedia elements.
• Must have knowledge of Platform-Specific Applications, Social networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

To pan out….
Web development is in demand today! People who are interested in developing creative and interactive websites and mobile applications should opt for web development as a career option. With proper education and experience one can thrive in the field as web development presents bright career prospects for potential web developers including lucrative income.